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"The bond between mankind and us, valkyrie..." " Are deeper than those of the other gods"

Brunhilde is the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie Sisters. She stood up against the gods in an attempt to save humanity. She is the ongoing main protagonist of the series as she is the one who chose humanity's finest and strongest warriors in Ragnarok to stand up against the strongest gods and slay them.


Brunhilde is a beautiful woman with flowing midnight blue hair that reached her waist. Her hair is pinned back on the side with a wing shaped hair pin. Her pale skin is contrasted by piercing emerald green eyes. Her attire is very formal, wearing a white dress with gold and navy detailing. She is tall and has a very feminine figure.


Brunhilde is manipulative, vindictive and vulgar, ill tempered together with an indomitable will and a keen wit. She uses any means necessary to win, even if it means choosing a wicked human like Jack the Ripper to fight in Ragnarok. She is shown to be forceful to the point of betraying Hlökk's trust and forcing her to partner with Jack the Ripper to participate in the fourth round.

Brunhilde often displays a cold-hearted demeanor. However, she greatly cares both for the Einherjar and for her fellow Valkyrie sisters to the point where she became enraged at Göll for accusing her of the contrary. She has a hard time expressing her care for her sisters often her short temper gets in the way of it.

She also respects those who wish to protect humanity such as Heracles, despite him fighting as a representative for the gods.

She is a very closed off person in which on the outside she is very cold and ill-tempered but in her own sense of privacy she lets her emotions go. Her main drive is to protect humanity from destruction. Her care for heroes such as Heracles and the representatives of humanity has only been expressed in private with a personal shrine dedicated to those who have fallen in Ragnarok, where she allowed herself to weep and show her emotional weaknesses.


Divine Physiology: As a Demigod, Brunhilde posses physical abilities far greater than any ordinary human. Her body can not be harmed by mortal weapons, however she can still be harmed by unarmed attacks from individuals with superhuman strength and divine weapons.

Immortality: As a Demigod, Brunhilde is incapable of dying from old age. She is older than Lu Bu, making her at least over 1800+ years old.

Baking: Brunhilde was stated to be capable of baking pies. These specially made pies are known for having a horrible taste, that only Sasaki and herself seen to enjoy.

Godly Strenght:[1] With not on the par of the Einherjar or her fellow gods. Brunhilde is a competent fighter as she was able to lift and hold a huge human like Raiden with one hand.

Volund: The ability to turn into any weapon based on her partner's preference.



  • When stressed, she consumes copious amounts of specially made pies. Those pies contain salmiak, a bitter confectionery of Germanic and Nordic origin which is said to be the worst-tasting candy in the world.
  • Brunhilde has a tendency to break her formal bonds and speak in a very vulgar or excited manner. This is most apparent when the situation is going in her favor.
  • While her exact age is unknown, Brunhilde has been around ever since Lu Bu was alive making her over 1800 years old. Since she is the oldest of the Valkyrie sisters, who have the duty to take the souls of humans to Valhalla, it is possible that she is as old as humanity (making her over 7 million years old).


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