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If the Gods won't save them... I will. And if any God gets in my way... I'll kill them.
Buddha to the Gods in Round 6

Buddha is Humanity's representative in the sixth round of Ragnarok, going against Zerofuku, and later Hajun, despite initially being listed as a representative for the Gods.

Buddha is a prominent deity in the Dharmic Pantheon, being the founder of Buddhism, one of the Four Sages, as well as one of the few divine beings, alongside Heracles and the Valkyries, who are not in favor of destroying Humanity. Buddha was formerly a Human by the name of Gautama Siddhartha (ゴータマ・シッダールタ, Gōtama Shiddāruta) and a famous philosophical figure hailing from Nepal, before attaining enlightenment and eventually ascending to Godhood.


Buddha takes the form of a tall, muscular man in a tank top with glasses along with robes tied around his waist wrapping back to his hands. He wears a bindi on his forehead, and has his light green hair, black on the sides, tied backwards in a classical/old-fashioned way with what seems to be a golden type of crown. He also dons earrings, a pair of rectangular glasses, and has elongated earlobes. He has sharp canines and is seen most of the time sucking a lollipop. The tank top he wears is accompanied an eyepatch-wearing rabbit design with the word "USACHAN" written right below it. The rabbit is possibly in reference to the Buddhist tale of the moon rabbit, which symbolizes an ultimate act of altruism. Buddha's eyes are usually completely black without pupils, but occasionally, a lily appears in each eye representing the seven lilies that appeared when he took his first steps.

Following his battle in Ragnarok. Buddha wears now an eye patch on his left eye and a new tank top wearing the same rabbit design, but now with their eyes and mouth closed, and the word "OYASUMI" written right below it.


Buddha has an easygoing attitude and does not seem to take anything seriously. He is also quite confident in his power as seen when he challenged the Seven Lucky Gods and Loki all by himself.[2]

Buddha Quote anime

Buddha argues that the only one who can give him orders is himself

His confidence is so great, he said he wouldn't mind challenging Zeus to his face.[3] He is also unabashed and extroverted; he talks comfortably with anyone he meets, sometimes expressing his thoughts aloud and acting in any way he pleases in front of any audience. Furthermore, he is extremely courageous, not willing to let anyone push him around, regardless of whether they're God or Human, saying that only he can move himself.[4][5]

Buddha also seems to show great animosity and disrespect towards his fellow Gods, as seen when he ignored everything Loki had to say to him,[6] yawning even when Ebisu was threatening to kill him,[7] defied Zeus' words and agreements,[8] told all the Gods in attendance to shut up, and threatened to kill anyone who stood in his way.

In contrast, Buddha has an intense drive to protect Humanity, as seen when he goes against the orders of Zeus and fights for the Humans despite agreeing to it previously,[8] and still calmly tells every God in attendance that he'll kill any of them that try to stop him.[9] Buddha is also biased towards certain individuals, as seen when he didn't share his sweets with Zeus, but openly offers Brunhilde popcorn, and is more open and outgoing with her compared to Zeus. Buddha has a tendency to say "Shaddap" frequently, further accentuating his child-like demeanor. Because of his personality, Brunhilde called him, "History's Strongest Adolescent" (史上最強の思春期, Shijō Saikyō no Shishunki).


Physical Abilities[]

Godly Strength: Buddha possesses godly physical strength, as shown when a light kick from Buddha damaged Zerofuku so much that he coughed up blood and couldn't breathe.[10][11] Buddha could also push Zerofuku's giant axe with his shield[12] as well as strike with so much force, it caused him to bleed.[13] During the climax of round six, specifically with Hajun, Buddha managed to effortlessly cut through Hajun’s demonic body with Mahapari Nirvana, despite Hajun surviving Karma - Destroying Samsara Cycle: Eternal, which stated by Hades to be a weapon that could kill with one hit.

Godly Speed & Reflexes: Buddha managed to react to and dodge Ebisu's point-blank shot effortlessly and with finesse,[14] and could easily match Zeus in speed and reflexes while trying to keep his candy bowl away from him.[15] In his match against Zerofuku, Buddha effortlessly dodged his incessant and blinding axe swings, occasionally even moving at speeds that surpassed Zerofuku.[16] With the help of his precognition, his reaction time is further improved, to the point where he usually makes a preemptive move to dodge before his opponent even attacks.

Godly Endurance and Stamina: Buddha was capable of exerting himself to his physical and mental limit throughout the duration of his fight with Hajun, even after being pushed to a near death state he was still able to continue fighting. Buddha's tolerance to pain was shown when he withstood multiple of Hajun's attacks and even enduring the pain of having his abdomen punctured and having one of his eyes gouged out.

Mental Abilities[]

Wisdom: As one of Four Sages, Buddha possesses great wisdom. He is referred to as the Buddhahood Enlightened One, who rediscovered an ancient path to freedom from ignorance and craving as well as complete release from the cycle of rebirth and suffering. His teachings are one of the core aspects of Buddhism, the world's fourth-largest religion.

  • Calm State: After reaching enlightenment, Buddha become detached from his baser instincts, rarely feeling any form of anger or hatred. This makes his movements more fluid and allows him to dodge most attacks without feeling stressed while simultaneously maintaining a perfectly clear and relaxed mind. However, this ability is not perfect, since he can still get angry under certain circumstances.

Indomitable Will: During his fight with Hajun, Buddha showed his determination to defeat Hajun in order to avenge Zerofuku, even when he sustained many serious injuries and pushed to near death state, Buddha never once faltered or showed any form of fear towards Hajun, even to the point where the Gods and Hajun himself were amazed by Buddha's will.

Enhanced Charisma: As part of his royal education, Buddha has learned all of the necessary skills required to rule a country. After abandoning his royal position, Buddha went on a journey where he managed to get followers and believers effortlessly. These believers would spread his teachings, reinforcing Buddha's position as the founder of Buddhism.

Fighting Abilities[]

Weapons Master: Buddha is shown to be proficient in many forms of weaponry. His Six Realms Staff can be transformed into a great variety of weapons, which Buddha can use in combat.

  • Master Swordsman: From a young age Buddha was taught swordsmanship, as part of his royal education, and soon enough, he became more skilled than his own teacher. After performing a Volund with Zerofuku, Buddha was able to defeat Hajun with a single slash of his Shichishito.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Semi-Immortality: Like all Gods, Buddha is eternally youthful, being incapable of dying due to old age.

Divine Physiology: As a God, Buddha is a being with divine and transcendent attributes and characteristics far superior to any ordinary human. Like all Gods, his body is completely invulnerable to weapons created by Humans, however, he can still be harmed by physical attacks from individuals with superhuman strength and Divine Weapons.

Buddhist Realms

The six realms of Buddhism

Buddhist Realm Empowerment:[17] As the founder of Buddhism, Buddha can draw power from the six worlds which mankind can reincarnate into, better known as the "Six Realms", with each one having a form of the Bodhisattava Kannon protecting them. This power takes the form of his Six Realms Staff, which stores the power of those six guardian Buddhas.

Common Destiny: Due to his connection to the Pure Land, Buddha has access to the power of "Common Destiny" present within the world of Buddhism which allows a person to bring out their full potential by entrusting their fate to another. Before Ragnarok, Brunhilde sought him out to learn about "Fates Intertwined" so that the Valkyrie's "Völundr" would enable them to fight against the Gods by entrusting their lives to the wielder.[18] It is through this concept that Humans are capable of harming the Gods with their weapons.[19]

Pure Enlightenment Eighth Consciousness (しょうがくしき, Shōgaku Arayashiki): A divine ability, one which only those who're enlightened can utilize. This ability allows Buddha to see a moment into the future by reading the fluctuations of a creature's soul and the radiance in the light of their will to determine their actions,[20] granting him a form of precognition. The moments Buddha sees can be witnessed enough times for him to know exactly how and when to best avoid incoming attack. Buddha has used this multiple times, such as when he took a peek into the future in order to better dodge Ebisu's gunshots.[14] However, this ability was best displayed during his fight against Zerofuku, where he constantly and effortlessly dodged the latter's attacks flawlessly despite the size of his battle axe. It is implied that his normally-blackened pupils turn into lily patterned when he activates this ability.[21] However, one drawback of his future vision is that if there's no light in the soul of an entity, Buddha cannot see their future.


Turn About, Six Realms (まわれ、りくどう, Maware, Rikudō):[22] A divine weapon transformation technique channeled using Buddha's Six Realms Staff. Once activated, scrolls materializes from the the staff, slowly engulfing it. However, the staff changes to best suit Buddha's emotions, so he is unable to choose which weapon he wants to wield.[23] Buddha activating the Staff of the Six Realms
Staff of the Six Realms - Axe of Lokapala First Realm: Divine Realm, Wish-Granting Wheel Kannon - Loka Pala (Twelve Deva Axe) (壱之道 天道如意輪観音・十二天斧ローカパーラ, Ichi no Dō: Tendō Nyoirinkan'non - Rōka Pāra):[24] The Six Realms Staff transforms into a long, golden halberd which Buddha uses to counter Zerofuku's nunchaku-like swords.
Staff of the Six Realms - Club of Nirvana Second Realm: Animal Realm, Horse-Faced Kannon - Nirvana (弐之道 畜生道馬頭観音・正覚涅槃棒ニルヴァーナ, Ni no Dō: Chikushōdō Batōkan'non - Niruvāna):[25] The Six Realms Staff transforms into a giant spiked club capable of dealing massive blunt force, nearly knocking out Zerofuku in a single blow.
Staff of the Six Realms - Vajra of Aksayya Third Realm: Human Realm, Unshakable Cord Kannon - Akshaya (Indestructible Vajra Sword) (参之道 人間道不空羂索観音・金剛独鈷剣アクサッヤー, San no Dō: Ningendō Fukūkensakukan'non - Akusayā):[26] The Six Realms Staff transforms into a golden shortsword, which Buddha used to defend from Zerofuku's Misery Cleaver: Storm Formation and engage in close ranged combat.
Buddha using the Shield of Ahimusa Fourth Realm: Asura Realm, Eleven Faced Kannon - Ahimsa (Shield to Destroy the Seven Misfortunes) (四之道 修羅道十一面観音・七難即滅の楯アヒムサー, Shi no Dō: Shuradō Jūichimenkan'non - Ahimusā):[27] The Six Realms Staff transforms into a giant golden shield, capable of withstanding Zerofuku's giant axe strike without sustaining any damage.
Staff of the Six Realms - Warscythe of Salakaya Fifth Realm: Preta Realm, Thousand-Armed Kannon - Salakayas (Scythe of the Wild God) (五之道 餓鬼道

千手観音・荒神の戦鎌サラーカァヤス, Go no Dō: Gakidō Senjūkan'non - Sarākāyasu):[28] The Six Realms Staff transforms into a giant scythe with the head of a lion. This form can only be attained when Buddha is overcome with hatred.

Karma-Destroying Samsara Cycle (ごうめつりん, Gōmetsu Rin'ne):[29] Buddha takes a high stance with Salakayas and channels dead souls into it before swinging it sideways towards his opponent with immense force. Buddha using Karmanirodha Samsara
Karma-Destroying Samsara Cycle: Eternal (ごうめつりんおん, Gōmetsu Rin'ne - Kuon):[30] The lion head of Salakayas manifests and emits tremendous physical energy, causing the scythe to be swung towards the target at blinding speeds, dealing great damage to them. Buddha using Karmanirodha Samsara Sasvata
Buddha and Zerofuku use Volundr Divine Weapon Lotus (Völundr) (神器蓮生ヴェルンド, Verundo):[31] Using the power of Buddha's "Fates Intertwined", Zerofuku entrusts his fate with Buddha to perform a Völundr and create a Divine Weapon from the handle of the "Misery Cleaver", using Buddha's own compassion as the source to power it.
Mahapari Nirvana (Blade of the Celestial Eye's Awakening) (天眼妙覚大涅槃斬マハーパリ・ニルヴァーナ, Mahāpari Niruvāna):[32] Buddha holds the Great Nirvana Sword - Zero above his head and unleashes a downward slash with tremendous force. This attack was capable of easily cutting Hajun’s body into pieces. Mahapari Nirvana (anime)


Six Realms Staff anime Six Realms Staff (りくどうこん, Rikudōkon):[33] Buddha wields an oversized prayer wheel in the form of a staff. The staff stores the power of the six guardian Buddhas of the six realms in Buddhism, allowing it to change its form to another type of weapon or tool based on his emotions.[23]
Buddha obtains the Sword of Mahaparinirvana Zero Great Nirvana Sword - Zero (だいえんじゃくとうぜろ, Dai Enjaku-tō - Zero):[34] The ultimate divine weapon which none but those who've attained the Great Nirvana in the Pure Lands can create. This weapon takes the form of a Shichishito (seven-branched sword) with bladed protrusions which are each associated with one of the seven lucky gods.


  • (To Zeus) "The only one that can move me, on Heaven or Earth, is me."[4]
  • (To the Gods) "If the Gods won't save them... I will. And if any God gets in my way... I'll kill them."[9]
  • (To Brunhilde) "I like 'em! Those eyes full of worldly trouble! Almost like good and evil don't matter to you as long as you can achieve your goal. Well, whatever. But there's one thing you oughta remember... I can't just leave that be, now..."[35]
  • (To Odin) "Didn't I tell you guys? Friend or enemy, good or bad, God or Human. It doesn't matter who you are... 'Cos in this whole world, I'm just me!"[36]
  • (To Zerofuku) "Happiness... ain't something you can give to other people. It's something you've gotta attain yourself![...] Where there's shadow there's light you know?[...] So, how about it? Want to reach enlightenment with me, bud?"[37]
  • (To Zerofuku) "One is truly one's own master... Zero. You've gotta love yourself."[38]
  • (To Hajun) "You know what it takes to confront your own weakness...? To fight back against your inexperience and to try and overcome it? It takes puberty. You don't have that. And that's why you're weak."[39]
  • (To himself) "Zero... Can you see it? This... is our path. Let's go. Together."[40]
  • (To himself) "Heh... Damn, that's cool... See you later... Zero..."[41]
  • (To Brunhilde) "Y'know, Bu-chan... I really like your eyes... full of worldly desire..."[42]
  • (To Sakata Kintoki) "There's a guy I want you to look into.[...] The man who will shake up Ragnarok... the Dragon-Slaying Hero... Siegfried."[43]
  • (To Brunhilde) "This Ragnarok and your ex-boyfriend, Siggy... Are they somehow connected?"[44]
  • (To himself) "Bu-chan... You're really letting your puberty issues go overboard, huh?"[45]


  • He is shown to have an incredibly large sweet tooth, demonstrated when he asked Brunhilde if she had any candy on her when he was being taken to the emergency room[46] and when he joyfully ate the Kintarō-ame that Sakata Kintoki brought him during recovery[47]. He also, evidently, has his own brand of lollipops, known as "Buddha Chups".


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