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Yeah...the fate of the whole Human race is on Sister Hilde's shoulders. I need to help Sister Hilde in any way I can.
Göll to herself in On the Precipice

Göll is the youngest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters and the deuteragonist of the series. During the Ragnarok matches, she is usually seen by Brunhilde's side, anxiously watching each match.


Göll takes the form of a teenage girl with lilac hair that reaches down to half her neck and aqua green eyes. She wears a green jacket (orange in the anime) over a white shirt (yellow in the anime) with tight black shorts. On her left leg is a black legging with a garterbelt and on her feet are green high top sneakers. Similar to her sister, she wears a gold wing-shaped hairpin (a much smaller one) on the left side on her bangs.


She's usually anxious and worried about many things to the point that it gets on Brunhilde and Hrist's nerves. Whenever Humanity's warriors die, she cries and mourns each of her sisters as they die with them.

As the youngest Valkyrie, she doesn't seem all that interested in saving Humanity, compared to worrying about her sisters. However, she shows her respect and admiration for the Human warriors who fought to the end for the sake of Humanity's survival.

She had a close relationship with Heracles, to the point where she didn't know who to root for when Heracles went up against Jack the Ripper in the fourth round. According to Jack himself, Göll reminds him of Heracles.


Semi-Immortality: As a demigod, Göll is incapable of dying from old age. She was seen in the spin-off series, making her over 1800 years old during the events of Ragnarok.

Divine Physiology: As a demigod, it can be assumed that Göll possesses physical abilities far greater than any ordinary Human. Her body can not be harmed by mortal weapons, however, she can still be harmed by unarmed attacks from individuals with superhuman strength and Divine Weapons.

Common Destiny: The power of "Common Destiny" allows a person to bring out their full potential by entrusting their fate to another. Before Ragnarok, Brunhilde sought Buddha in order to learn more about this power. The Valkyries give their wielders the power to harm gods by entrusting them with their lives.

  • Völundr: The ability to turn into any weapon based on her partner's preference.


  • (To Brunhilde) "It's impossible, Sis! What kind of Human could beat a God anyway?"[1]
  • (To Hrist) "But...I didn't even get to say goodbye...I couldn't do anything for her..."[2]
  • (To Brunhilde) "I...I don't quite understand. Why...why did you choose that man?"[3]
  • (To Brunhilde) "Sorry...I went too far back there. I know you've got plans of your own, Sister Hilde..."[4]
  • (To Herself) "Yeah...the fate of the whole Human race is on Sister Hilde's shoulders. I need to help Sister Hilde in any way I can!"[5]
  • (To Jack the Ripper) "You're...covered with scars. [...]If you're hurt, you should get some rest!"[6]


  • While her age is unknown, she was seen in the spin-off series. This means that she is at least as old as Lü Bu, making her and all the other Valkyries over 1800 years old.


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