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The strongest in the world... is me. Except for me, in the sky and earth, there are only weak people.

Lü Bu Fengxian is Humanity's representative in the first round of Ragnarok, going against Thor. Lü Bu is also the main character of his spin-off manga, Shuumatsu no Valkyrie - The Legend of Lü Bu: The Flying General.

Lü Bu, also known as "The Flying General", hails from Ancient China and was a prominent warlord during the Three Kingdoms period and is considered by many to be the "Strongest Warrior in History".

Lü Bu was considered to be a violent, bloodthirsty and fearless warrior, being seen as a "God of War" and a "Furious Dragon" on the battlefield. He is also one of china's "3 Jewels", known as the "Warrior Jewel".


Lü Bu takes the form of a tall, muscular man covered with battle scars all throughout his body. The most notable scar would be a rather small one on his right cheek. He has waist-long dark hair which is tied into a bun and adorned with two golden antennae-like pheasant tail feathers. He has an Eastern dragon tattoo across the front and back of his torso and shoulders, and 「飛將」("Flying General") tattooed on the right side of his body. He also has a goatee and no eyebrows. Lü Bu wears no clothing on his upper body and no footwear. He wears white baggy pants and a piece of fabric that resembles dragon scales, which is tied by a belt with a large decorated golden lion head buckle. His teeth were like a shark's, exhibiting his status as the apex predator of his war-torn time period. The teeth were usually hidden by his scowling expression.


Lü Bu was a fearless, bold, determined and battle-lusting individual who, like Thor, took an enormous amount of pleasure in fighting. He had no fear of death or injury. During his life, Lü Bu fell into despair when he realized that nobody in the mortal world could challenge him.[1] Lü Bu was described by Brunhilde as the worst and most barbaric warrior. Similar to Thor, he is a man of few words, only speaking when absolutely necessary or when in combat.

He also doesn't show concern for worldly materials such as money, as he told Dong Zhuo's advisor to get lost, even after being offered 10.000 wushu, 200 pieces of silk and 20 jewels.


Overall Abilities: Lü Bu is considered to be China's strongest hero and warrior, even other legendary chinese figures like Guan Yu and Dong Zhuo acknowledged his prowess. It has also been stated by Guan Yu that Lü Bu's raw power alone was already enough for him to be recognized as the strongest man in The Three Kingdoms. Lü Bu also managed to fight on equal terms with the Nordic's Strongest Warrior and the God's Vanguard, Thor.

Golden Age: As a human soul in the afterlife, Lü Bu posses the appearance and skills that he had during his Golden Age, the age in which he was at his peak.

Godly Strength: Lü Bu possesses nigh-absolute physical strength. He could take on Thor's Hammer head-on, despite only being a human.[2] His strongest swing, using his Sky Piercer, even managed to split the sky.[3] In his spin-off, he managed to hurl a flag twice his size a phenomenally far distance and throw gigantic boulders on top of another effortlessly.

Godly Speed ​​& Reflexes: Lü Bu is capable of keeping up with the godly attacks of Nordic's Strongest Warrior effortlessly and even managed to block Thor's hammer strike in a split second, despite Thor's strike moving faster than lightning. Lü Bu also managed to dodge Thor's thrown hammer which has never missed its mark.[4]

Immense Durability: Lü Bu was shown to be durable enough to take the force of one of Thor's most powerful techniques, Thor's Hammer easily, even managing to counterattack.[2] He later took on the God's most powerful technique, Geirröd in a head on clash, an attack that was everything Thor could dish out as well as the move to bury Jörmungandr, a gigantic serpent as long as the planet, in a single hit.[5]

Immense Stamina & Endurance: Lü Bu was capable of exerting himself to his physical and mental limit throughout the duration of his fight with a God without showing any signs of fatigue. Even after getting his leg destroyed by Thor's most powerful technique, Geirröd, he barely showed any signs of pain and even managed to continue fighting the God.[5] Afterwards, after getting fatally wounded, his left arm mutilated, his right torn off, Lü Bu didn't flinch in the slightest, but rather smiled as he met his doom.[6]

Halberd Proficiency: When fighting with a weapon, Lü Bu opts to wield a Halberd he names Sky Piercer, a polearm akin to a axe merged with a spear, a weapon extremely common and popular in Ancient China. His excellent dexterity and ability to comb through people like a butcher was displayed in a flashback.[7] He is able to operate a halberd with excellent precision, accuracy, and strength. His skill with a halberd was such that he was capable of going toe to toe with and matching Thor's lightest to strongest of attacks.

Expert Equestrian: Lü Bu is extremely talented in riding his beloved horse, Red Hare, that has been with him ever since his childhood. His skill in riding his horse has helped him in his battles throughout the course of the period of the Three Kingdoms.


Sky Eater anime.png Sky Eater:[8] Lü Bu's ultimate move, he grips the end of Sky Piercer in one hand and performs a powerful downward swing. The power of Lü Bu's own super human strength and grip combines itself with the centrifugal force of his swing creating an attack capable of splitting the sky in half.


Man-made Halberds anime.png Man-made Halberds: During his time on Earth, Lü Bu has used multiple man-made halberds. However due to his immense strength he always ended up breaking them. These halberds are incapable of withstanding the force of Lu Bu's Sky Eater, without disintegrating in the process.
Sky Piercer anime.png Sky Piercer: [9] A divine weapon in the form of a halberd provided by the "Volund" of the Valkyrie Randgriz. He named the weapon "Sky Piercer" and due to Randgriz divine enhancement, Lü Bu's halberd was granted the ability of breaking any form of defense, even shattering Járngreipr, which is claimed to be the strongest defense in heaven capable of withstanding any attack. It was destroyed by Thor on the first match of Ragnarok.


Red Hare: Lü Bu's beloved warhorse who's been at his side since childhood and has followed him through countless battles and conquests and even followed Lü Bu post-mortem to death. Red Hare is also infamous for being a horse that could "travel a thousand miles" and has become an "extension to Lü Bu's own body".


  • The name "The Flying General" is due to Lu Bu's reputation as someone who has never bowed his head to someone nor has been ever tied to anyone. He moves freely through the battlefield like a flying dragon.


  • (To Dong Zhuo) "The strongest in the world... is me. Except for me, in the sky and earth, there are only weak people."
  • (To Thor) "You... You're pretty good!"[10]
  • (To himself) "I gave it... everything I had... now this... this right here... is what true joy is, huh?"[11]


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