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One who never doubts... never yields... never relies... and always stands as the leader of his people. That is what makes a king.
Qin Shi Huang to Hades in Chi You

Qin Shi Huang is Humanity's representative in the seventh round of Ragnarok, going up against Hades. He's the founder of the Qin Dynasty and the first Emperor to unify China.

His real name is Ying Zheng (嬴政, Eisei), with Qin Shi Huang (or "Shi Huang Di") (始皇帝, Shikōtei) being a title, which literally means "First Emperor of Qin".

He is widely regarded as the greatest Chinese Emperor of all time, despite sometimes being viewed as a tyrant. He is known as "The King Where It All Began" (始まりの王, Hajimari no Ō) and has been called the "King of Men" (人の王, Hito no Ō) during his battle with Hades.


Qin Shi Huang is a man of average stature; comparable to Jack the Ripper in overall body composition. He has a muscular build along with broad shoulders.

Qin Shi Huang wears an intricate bare-shouldered robe, resembling ones worn by Chinese Empresses. He also wears a blindfold decorated with a patterned streak that covers his eyes.

He has two tattoos of centipede: The first on his right cheek, going downward vertically from his right eye, which is covered by the blindfold; and the other on his back.

He wears nail guards on his right hand's middle and index fingers, as well as on his left hand's ring, middle, and index fingers.


He seems to be extremely confident in himself, seeing as how he walked into the Gods' area and sat down in Hades' chair (although he did this due to being clueless as to where his waiting room was).

He's also extremely proud of his rank as Emperor, to the point of brazenly ordering Ares and Hermes to kneel before him and show respect. Qin Shi Huang is also quite fearless and daring, attacking Ares without being afraid of the God and still ignoring him as if he were nothing.

As a kid, he often sported a forced, unnatural smile to hide the hatred and misery he was feeling due to all the mistreatment he suffered when he was a hostage in Zhao, which led to people thinking of him as a "creepy child". However, upon meeting Chun Yan (who took on the role as his mother figure), he started to eventually learn how to smile genuinely.


Overall Abilities: Qin Shi Huang is probably the most powerful Emperor in mankind's history as he was able to defeat the Demon God, Chiyou as well as fight on par with and overwhelm the King of the Netherworld, Hades.

Physical Abilities[]

Godly Strength:[2] Qin Shi Huang was able to destroy multiple corridor walls of the Valhalla Arena with ease as well as overwhelm even the likes of Hades, who boasted great physical strength himself.

Godly Speed & Reflexes: Qin Shi Huang can move at speeds matching the likes of Gods, as shown in his fight against Hades; not only could Qin keep up with his countless afterimages and blinding speeds, but eventually managed to outmaneuver him.

Godly Stamina & Endurance: Qin Shi Huang possesses a nearly limitless degree physical and mental fortitude. Due to his unique form of Mirror Touch Synesthesia, he was forced to feel the physical and mental pain of others for almost his entire life and yet, despite that, he was to keep on smiling without so much as a hint he was suffering, even when a chunk of his flesh was torn out. His incredible tenacity was further demonstrated by him being able to battle against Chiyou for six whole days without displaying any signs of exhaustion or fatigue.

Fighting Abilities[]

Martial Arts Expert: Qin Shi Huang is a very skilled martial artist as, during his confrontation with Chiyou, he managed to create and master his own style of martial arts which he derived from five other fighting styles he learned from his adoptive mother, Chun Yan. With it, Qin Shi Huang has access to a great variety of techniques that he can use in order to gain an advantage over his opponents.

  • Unarmed Combat Proficiency: Qin Shi Huang was capable of defeating the likes of Chiyou, a "Demon God of War", using nothing but his own body. He is also skilled enough in unarmed combat he can also stand up to the King of the Netherworld himself.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Golden Age: As a soul in the afterlife, Qin Shi Huang possesses the same appearance and skills that he did when he was at his peak.

Qin Shi Haung sees Hades' Qi flow

Qi Sight: Qin Shi Huang can see the flow of Qi within the bodies of living beings. Along these pathways are cruxes in the form of stars which Qin can strike to disrupt his opponent's Qi, thereby weakening their techniques. Qin Shi Huang awakened this ability after surviving countless battles with his Mirror Touch Synesthesia.

Mirror Touch Synesthesia: Born with this condition, whenever Qin Shi Huang saw a person be injured, he would receive the same injury by inverted. Due to constantly being exposed to hatred, Qin Shi Huang's Mirror Touch Synesthesia eventually ascended beyond the human level, reaching the point where he'd become injured simply from people's negative emotions which appeared on his body like burn marks.

Miscellaneous Abilities[]

Enhanced Sight: Despite constantly wearing a piece of cloth over his eyes, Qin Shi Huang has no trouble fighting even with his vision partially obscured. When his eyes are not covered, he is capable of seeing the Qi flow of his opponents.


Chi You (ゆう, Shiyū):[3] A martial art style created by Qin Shi Huang. It comprises of five different fighting styles and it is considered to be the ultimate martial art. Qin Shi Huang mastered the techniques during his battle with the Demon God, Chiyou. After beating him, Qin Shi Huang named his martial art style after him. Each of the five fighting styles are named after one of the five tools of war that Chiyou is believed to have created: Crossbow, Sword, Halberd, Spear and Armor. Chiyou (Martial art).png
Heavenly Hand of Defence.png Heavenly Hand of Defense (Chi You – Armor Form) (ゆう かいしきしょうりきてんほう, Shiyū Kaishiki: Shōriki Tenhō):[4] Qin Shi Huang intercepts an attack and absorbs the energy of its force. After taking the force of an attack into his body, Qin Shi Huang is able to redirect it back at his opponent. For example, Qin Shi Huang absorbed the blow of Hades' Persephone Roa and redirected it into his bident, causing the other end of the bident to hit Hades in the chest and send him flying across the entire arena.
Mount Tai Dragon Claw.png Mount Tai Dragon Claw (Chi You - Spear Form) (ゆう しきたいざんりゅうそう, Shiyū Mushiki: Taizan Ryūsō):[5] Qin Shi Huang pierces through his opponent's body by stabbing them with the zhijiatao on either his right hand or left hand. This attack was powerful enough to gouge out Hades' flesh.
Tortoise Riddle.png Tortoise Ripple (Chi You - Crossbow Form) (ゆう しきりゅう, Shiyū Doshiki: Haryūki):[6] Using his eyes to see the flow of Qi in a person's body and the cruxes along that flow in the form of stars, Qin Shi Huang fires an invisible bullet of air from his mouth to hit one of the stars he sees. When the air bullet makes contact, the flow of the target's technique is upset, causing even techniques guaranteed to kill, to be weakened. Qin Shi Huang has also used this abilty to swerve Hades' attacks away. Brunhilde said it was the hidden technique of Chiyou. Thanks to this ability being able to weaken the enemy's attacks and defense, Qin Shi Huang was able to take on Hades more than equally, even though Hades is superior when it comes to speed, power and combat experience.
White Tiger - Crescent Moon.png White Tiger Crescent Moon (Chi You - Halberd Form) (ゆう げきしき白虎びゃっこげつ, Shiyū Gekishiki: Byakko Kogetsu)[7]: Qin Shi Huang lifts up his right leg and proceeds to swing his kick in a crescent arc. This kick was so powerful, that it was able to blow back Hades and rip through the skin of his left arm.


Zhijiatao.png Zhijiatao (指甲套 or Nail Guards): Qin Shi Huang possesses 5 zhijiatao in total, with 2 on his right hand, and 3 on his left. They are symbols of nobility and wealth in ancient China. Qin Shi Huang appears to use them as a piercing weapon whenever he is in battle.
Almighty Spaulders.png Shenluo Kaixiu/Almighty Spaulders (しんかいしゅう, Shinra Kaishū): A Divine Weapon in the form of shoulder plates provided by the Völundr of the 10th Valkyrie, Alvitr. Due to Alvitr's unique nature, the Almighty Spaulders provide great defensive strength while also maximising the full potential of Qin Shi Huang's martial arts.


  • (To Hermes and Ares) "Humble yourselves. It matters not what this place is. You're in the presence of an Emperor. The throne is where I am."[8]
  • (To Hades) "Hades, King of the Netherworld, was it? Let me tell you something. There can only be one king in the world... and that man is I."[9]
  • (To Chiyou) "All the kings before me... were not kings. I'll defeat you, and become "The King Where It All Began"!"[10]
  • (To Hades) "One who never doubts... never yields... never relies... and always stands as the leader of his people. That is what makes a king."[11]
  • (To Hades) "It's precisely because I know the pain of others that I am the greatest king!"[12]
  • (To Hades) "You are strong, King of the Netherworld. But I have made a promise to a particular someone that I would become the greatest king. Therefore, I cannot afford to lose, no matter my opponent."[13]


  • Qin Shi Huang's design was revealed early in Chapter 11, Volume 3 of Shuumatsu no Valkyrie - The Legend of Lü Bu: The Flying General, released in December 2020. His design in The Legend of Lü Bu was explicitly stated to be identical to his design in Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.
  • In Chinese culture, centipedes are associated with powerful magic potions despite being known to have a venomous bite. Therefore, the centipede tattoo on Qin Shi Huang's right cheek is probably there to reflect on his pursuit for the elixir of life, known as Xiandan (仙丹) in Chinese, throughout his life.


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