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"Huh? Why? What other reason would there be? It's just so much fun... Like I'd know any man, that doesn't enjoy a good fist fight!!!"
Shiva to Raiden in Resonance

Shiva is the Gods' representative in the fifth round of Ragnarok, going against Raiden Tameemon.

Shiva is a prominent deity and the leader of the Hindu Pantheon. He is a Chief God and is often considered as the strongest God of destruction and the greatest brawler in heaven among all other Gods.


Shiva is shown to have four arms (with only one remaining after his fight with Raiden) and five golden eyes, with only three of them open when he's calm. He has indigo skin and black messy hair. He wears a golden bandana and baggy golden trousers equipped with a blue sash, also, he has blue tattoos on his wrists & fingers.


Shiva is introduced as a carefree, proud, and powerful god. However, he has shown violent tendencies, even against Zeus himself but stood down in respect of his senior. This is further reinforced when he boldly became shocked by what his opponent thinks of Ragnarök, stating that it is the best event.

In his youth Shiva was far more lazy and easy going, almost everything serious he did was just following Rudra while he actually enjoyed to sleep and dance, so much he wished to become a god of dancing, however he did say he always have fun with Rudra so he is fine following him.

Once he and Rudra got to the peak of Svarga he shows a lot of compassion towards Rudra, trying to change the subject to not fight him and begging Rudra to give up so he won't have to harm, and in the end fake defeat so he can stop the fight and make Rudra happy to think he achieved his dream. However as Rudra scold him to give his all, and as he see he really got to the peak of Svarga gods, he accepts the title of king finally.

He states in the fight that he won't lose to anybody, that he isn't going to let Rudra and the people cheering on him down.

Vishnu does comment that Shiva is always reckless while Rudra reply by stating that while he (Shiva) is nicer than anyone, once he get into a fight he enjoys talking with his fist more than anybody else. Varuna also comments that Shiva doesn't stop smiling never mind how many time het gets hit and Agni state that Shiva doesn't know the meaning of restraint.


Godly Strength: During his battle with Rudra, their clashes sent massive shock waves throughout Svarga and the sound of their punches echoed through the entire land. As said by the other gods, Shiva has great strength, he managed to grab a punch and a knee from Raiden and send him flying across the arena with his 4 arms, hitting him in the abdomen and making him fall back after the blow. After recovering from Raiden's header, Shiva quickly delivered a sequence of punches with his 4 arms that made Raiden retreat backwards with the pressure of his punches being compared to the cannon fire causing several injuries. After having one of his arms crushed, and deciding to fight more seriously Shiva's punches was able to blow away Raiden even with his guard up.

Semi-Immortality: Like all gods, Shiva is eternally youthful, being incapable of dying due to old age. However, he can still be killed by other means and go to Niflhel if he dies.

Godly Speed ​​& Reflexes: Shiva managed to block a Raiden's punch right after being hit hard on the head and also blocked his knee after taking another blow to the head already attacking after defending himself. Shiva after recovering from Raiden's header that made him regain consciousness, he quickly counter attacked with a sequence of punches that made Raiden retreat backwards, taking time to react to all blows with one on the head and one on the ribs. After using the Hidden Treasure of Svarga Shiva's speed increased too the point of leaving multiple afterimages, allowing him to evade Raiden's attacks and overwhelm him with counters and multi-hit attacks.

Godly Durability: According to Shiva, the most resistant part of the body is its head which, according to him, is solid as rock. Shiva took two full blows from Raiden on the head and quickly recovered by spitting some blood, also held his knee with both hands if he suffered damage. he endured a full-head header from Raiden, injuring him when he collided with his head.

Four Arms: Thanks to his four arms, Shiva possesses far greater dexterity in combat then most people; defending himself from oncoming strikes with one set of arms whilst attacking his opponents with the other pair.

Unarmed Combat Proficiency: Shiva is extremely skilled in the art of unarmed Combat. He was able to defeat 1116 gods with nothing but his fists. With his four arms, he can use moves and techniques that can not be performed by most gods.

  • Skilled Dancer: Shiva is also a very skilled dancer. By implementing dancing in his fighting style, he can fight more effectively. He also has multiple techniques which involve dancing.


Hidden Treasure of Svarga[1] - Shiva's trump card, a war dance that only he can perform. By dancing to the rhythm of the cosmos, Shiva is able to attack his opponent with far greater speed and power while confusing them. Its unpredictable rhythm allows Shiva to continuously attack his opponent with multi-hit attacks while his opponent is under the impression of being attacked by many, many enemies all at once. Hidden Treasure of Svarga.png
Tandava.png Tandava (輪廻武踊ターンダヴァ, Tāndava)[2] - Due to his intense dancing, Shiva's body becomes super-heated and starts to combust which increases the power of his attacks and burns his opponent.
Krittvasa.png Krittivasa (Flaming Tiger Claw Dance) (虎爪炎舞クリッティヴァーサス, Kurittivāsasu)[3] - Shiva jumps in the air and brings down a powerful kick while simultaneously combusting his feet, slicing and burning his opponent. The flames created from the kick is hot enough to cauterize the flesh of Raiden who had humanity's strongest muscles.
Tandava Karma (Samsara War Dance - Ashes) (輪廻武踊灰燼ターンダヴァ・カルマ, Tāndava Karuma)[4] - Shiva's ultimate secret technique. By forcing his heart to beat faster, Shiva is able to directly stimulate his atman (spirit), resulting in an incredible increase in power and speed. Additionally his body combust and burns at a higher level than when using Tandava, to the point of burning his surroundings, and objects far away from him to ashes. In this state all his blows become hot enough to char and burn away flesh and was burning away the powerful muscles of Raiden. There is a drawback to this technique however, as Shiva himself will eventually burn out if he uses the technique for too long. Tandava Karma.png
Deva Loka.png Deva Loka (Final Act Flame Dance) (大切デーヴァ炎舞ローカ, Dēva Rōka)[5] - A powerful spinning heel kick used by Shiva under his Tandava Karma state. The kick was so powerful and burning hot that it managed to overpower Raiden's Yatagarasu and rip his arm in half.


  • (To himself) "...I already know, I always have...every one of them...watching me with those honest eyes of theirs."
  • (To the Hindu Pantheon) "Damn...guess I can't let you guys down."
  • (A catchphrase) "Can't be helped."
  • (To himself) "A good man always has good company."
  • (To Raiden Tameemon) "You stood firm on your feet. The pleasure is all mine, human. No...Raiden Tameemon. With your help..This was the best match of my life"


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