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I never imagined the Valkyries would actually turn against us! It's... it's... it's the most exciting thing since the Big Bang!

Zeus is the Gods' representative in the second round of Ragnarok, going against Adam.

Zeus is a prominent deity and the leader of the Greek Pantheon. He's the chairman of the Gods' Council and the leader of the Gods Fighters, as he's the one choosing which figther goes next. He is also often referred to as the "God Father of Cosmos" (全宇宙の父ゴッドファーザー・オブ・コスモス, Goddofāzā ofu Kosumosu) or "GFOC" for short.

Zeus is the main antagonist of "Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok" series.


Zeus takes the form of a frail old man of low stature and sunken eyes. He has a small tuft of spiky grey hair on the very top of his head, thick eyebrows and a goatee. Zeus dons a classical Greek clothing, a white sash tied to his waist and a piece of cloth covering his entire lower half. Sometimes, Zeus can also drastically increase his muscle mass, turning himself disproportionate at will. In his Adamas form, Zeus' height increases exponentially, and his muscles turn inside out, making his entire body stretched beyond what is normally possible.


When addressing his fellow Gods, Zeus is extremely calm and authoritative while possessing a very formal and wise disposition.

Hermes warns Zeus of Adamas

Zeus excited about the possibility of a war

However, his true nature is that of a maniac individual obsessed with fighting, taking sadistic pleasure in crushing his opponents with all might, his hunger for battles made him feel excited at the possibility of a betrayal by Brunhilde and allowed Adamas to stage a rebellion, all for a chance of another war. Like most Gods, Zeus holds his own kind to a superior and extremely high standard, always expecting them to win no matter the odds, and seething with anger when they lose to Humans.

Zeus extreme joy

Zeus' extreme joy for a more interesting than expected Ragnarok

Zeus is also an eccentric individual, having random exaggerated emotional outbursts, breaking into a dance at the start of the second round of Ragnarok in front of everyone present, even being called the most shameful God by Hermes. Furthermore, Zeus can be very prideful and arrogant, declaring himself to be the "God Father of Cosmos" and confidently remarking that he would destroy Adam. However, after several rounds of Ragnarok passed, Zeus became more humble, even acknowledging Humanity's strength.

He is also extremely faithful and confident in those of the Greek Pantheon. Despite Poseidon losing to Kojiro Sasaki, he said that Heracles wouldn't lose simply because he's not the type of person to.


Overall Abilities: Zeus is possibly the strongest God in existence, as he is constantly referred to as the "Chairman or King of the Gods" and the "final boss" by Göll. Zeus managed to defeat his father, a Titan and the personification of time, Kronos. Afterwards, after winning the Titanomachy Tournament, he was crowned the mightiest God and became the ruler of the cosmos and Heaven. Zeus could even strike fear into other Supreme Gods, like Shiva. Finally, Zeus was claimed by Heimdall to have nigh-omnipotent power, using the power of creation at his own whim, returning anything that doesn't suit his fancy back to the void.[1] He also viewed the Big Bang as a thrill and could destroy Heaven in his final form.

Physical Abilities[]

Godly Strength: Zeus possesses unfathomable physical strength, even in his weakest form, Zeus' physical strength allows him to easily kill a dragon with one arm before destroying a large chunk of the ground with just a small, wooden gavel. Zeus, with one hand, was able to hold down Shiva[2] and stop Heracles' and Ares' punches. He can also turn himself into an extremely muscular version of himself in order to become stronger when necessary.

Godly Speed & Reflexes: Zeus can effortlessly unleash punches and kicks faster than the eye can register at 0.01 seconds, while multiplying the previous speed by 10 with every punch, eventually reaching 0.00000001 seconds. He can even release an attack that is possibly faster than time itself if he desires. However, although he is one of the fastest participants of Ragnarok, Zeus' godly reflexes only allow him to dodge attacks that take down to 0.01 seconds to perform without receiving a direct hit, having failed to avoid attacks launched within a smaller time-frame.[3]

Godly Durability: Zeus' body is far more durable than that of an average deity, being tough enough to allow the god to witness the Big Bang and only consider it a spectacle. During his match, Adam copied multiple of Zeus attacks and used against him, however despite them being powerful enough to easily defeat most opponents, Zeus was able to withstand them while suffering minimal injuries. In two separate occasions, Zeus was hit with The Fist That Surpassed Time, an attack so fast that is possibly transcends time, yet even after being hit by such powerful technique Zeus only suffered from a broken jaw and teeth the first time and a broken neck the second time. While in his Adamas state, Zeus' body is described as being virtually indestructible, allowing him to take Adam's attacks without suffering noticeable damage.

Godly Endurance & Stamina: Zeus has immense endurance and stamina, being able to keep up with powerful beings like Adam and Kronos. He also possesses immense pain tolerance, managing to stay conscious after having his jaw and teeth broken by Kronos, having his neck broken by Adam and even fixing his own broken neck, with his bare hands, in order to continue fighting. While using his Adamas form, Zeus' body is put under extreme strain, to the point that his flesh is almost ripped to shreds, yet despite the immense pain from having his body being destroyed from the inside, Zeus is able to hold the transformacion for multiple minutes. However, his pain tolerance is not as strong as other characters like Lü Bu or Heracles, since he has shown to react to pain multiple times.

Muscle Control: Zeus has shown to be capable of controlling his own muscles. He can expand them to become more muscular and massive, shrink them to become smaller and even compress them in order to use his Adamas transformation. Besides that, Zeus can also expand his muscles in just specific parts of his body, like an arm or both legs.

Fighting Abilities[]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Zeus is very skilled in the art of unarmed combat. He was able to defeat his father, Kronos, with just his fists and has managed to develop multiple unarmed combat techniques which have also allowed him to defeat Adam, who has been described as being naturally gifted in hand-to-hand combat. He has more than one millennium worth of experience and has fought in countless battles, including the Titanomachy and the Gigantomachy.

Supernatural Abilities[]

Semi-immortality: As a God, Zeus is incapable of dying due to old age. He is a lot older than most gods, being older than the Big Bang itself (making him over 13.8 billion years old). While for unknown reasons, Zeus appears to have aged considerably during this period of time, looking more aged than his elder siblings.

Divine Physiology: As a God, Zeus possesses physical abilities far greater than any ordinary Human (being stronger than any other God or Titan). His body cannot be harmed by mortal weapons; however, he can still be harmed by unarmed attacks from individuals with superhuman strength and Divine Weapons.

Menacing Aura: While on his Adamas form, Zeus' aura causes the primal instinct of every nearby living being to tremble in fear. The fear induced by Zeus in this state is so great that it made Adam raise his guard on pure instinct.

Ambrosia (Zeus' Blood) (ゼウスの血アムブロシア, Amuburoshia): Zeus' blood, also known as Ambrosia, is capable of bestowing divine power upon those who drink it. If the human who drinks it is a true hero, that person will be granted an immortal body. However, should anyone else drink his blood, that person will receive instant death.[4][5]

Time Manipulation: While activating The Fist That Surpassed Time, it was shown that Zeus was able to manipulate time, and use it as an advantage for his attack to not be seen by his opponents. This power grants him control over the flow of time, enabling him to slow it down, if not outright halt it.


Zeus near light speed punch Near Lightspeed Jab (亜光速ジャブ, Akōsoku Jabu):[6] As its name implies, Zeus delivers a punch at near the speed of light (0.01 seconds). Despite its overwhelming speed, it can be avoided by Adam's Divine Reflection.
Zeus Meteor Jab anime Meteor Jab (Twilight Meteor Group) (黄昏流星群メテオ ジャブ, Meteo Jabu):[6] Zeus unleashes a continuous barrage of rapid-fire punches, with each punch the speed increases by tenfold (starting of at 0.01 seconds Near Light Speed Jab and eventually reaching 0.00000001 seconds) in order to completely and utterly overwhelm his opponent.
Zeus Divine Axe anime Divine Axe (神の斧, Kami no Ono):[7] Zeus unleashes an extremely swift and powerful leg sweep that can easily bisect his opponent's body. He has used it in both his muscle form and the Adamas form.
Episode 6
Zeus' Footwork: Zeus builds up momentum, increasing his speed exponentially, he then moves around his opponent with a strange footwork while creating afterimages in order to confuse his enemy. Once they are distracted, Zeus finishes the move by delivering a kick to the head. This technique has no official name, being just called "That" by Ares.
Zeus The Fist That Surpassed Time anime The Fist That Surpassed Time (時を超える拳, Toki o Koeru Ken):[8] Kronos', the personification of time, final strike which Zeus burnt into his body, naming it as his own. This attack was said to contain all the respect and resentment that Zeus possessed towards his father, and the mere mention of its name has been said to exert power over all of time. To unleash this technique, Zeus gathers all his strength and punches with so much force, that time itself seems to come to a halt. It is at least faster than 0.000000000000000000001 seconds.
Adamas (阿陀磨須アダマス, Adamasu):[9] A transformation in which Zeus compresses all of his muscles to their very limits.[10] Whilst in this state, Zeus' body is virtually indestructible (as the name suggests) and concentrates all of his divine might into each and every single movement.[11] However, Zeus can only hold this form for around 12-13 minutes. After being severely injured by Adam during their fight, he could only maintain this form for 5-6 minutes as it slowly destroyed his body over time.[10] Zeus also remarks that he doesn't like using this technique as it rattles his old bones.[12] The transformation itself causes the primal instinct within every being to tremble in fear as a threat has been detected, with even Adam taking a guard stance for the first time in the round. [13] Shiva remarked that in this form, Zeus holds enough power to destroy Heaven.[10] Adamas form anime
Zeus using God's True Right and Adam copying it True God's Right (真・神の右, Shin Kami no Migi): While in his Adamas form, Zeus unleashes a straight punch that harbors the entirety of his divine might. He can then follow up with another punch and repeat this at blinding speeds, launching a never-ending barrage of attacks with some uses of the Divine Axe at times. Adam is capable of replicating and countering the attacks, but it requires that he uses his Divine Reflection non-stop, which takes an enormous toll on his eyes, to the point where he would eventually become blind. Despite its name, Zeus actually executes it with either fist.


  • While his exact age is unknown, Zeus has mentioned that he was present during the Big Bang. This would mean that Zeus is at least over 13,800,000,000 years old.
  • Zeus' entrance during the second round bears a resemblance to Japanese professional wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura's, with both performing similar dance moves and having a violinist accompany them.
  • Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion.


  • (To Brunhilde) "Ragnarok... eh? That's an interesting proposal. Yup. It sure is. How... utterly... amusing! And I'm sure that... all of you... are also longing to witness... the wrath of the Gods!"[14]
  • (To Hermes) "I never imagined the Valkyries would actually turn against us! It's... it's... it's the most exciting thing since the Big Bang!"[15]
  • (To Shiva) "It's my turn now."[2]
  • (To Adam) "Hey, will you be alright without that thingy? Y'know, that "Valkyrie unite!" thing. That thing. Without that... kiddo, it'll be over before you know it."[16]
  • (To Adam) "Well then, little monkey. Can you follow this? Let's find out."[17]
  • (To Adam) "I'll admit it... you're a strong one.[...] I was foolish... I was foolish to think I could win like this. I would have preferred not to do this since it rattles my old bones... but it's the only way."[18]
  • (To Adam) "What a shame... if this were a contest of endurance, no doubt about it. I'd have to give it to ya."[19]
  • (To Loki, Shiva, Hermes and Ares) "Let us first admit...that Humanity is strong. It seems that the little Valkyrie girl truly intends to overthrow us. Knowing this, we should respond."[20]
  • (To Ares) "You really think that's enough of an excuse for him to lose? He won't lose. Heracles just isn't that kind of man."[21]
  • (To Loki, Hermes and Ares) "We must not allow their lead... at any cost."[22]
  • (To Buddha) "As long as we fight, we win. Such are the Gods."[23]
  • (To Ares) "I had forgotten... There's no God I know more reliable than him. There's no sacrifice too small for him if it means winning. That is who Hades is."[24]
  • (To Hermes) "In his last moments... he... apologised, damn him..."[25]


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